About the VSA

The VSA Amsterdam (from now on referred to as the VSA) aims to build and maintain a supportive community of vegan(-minded) students, to bring veganism to the attention of students as an effective means of helping animals and the planet, and to create a facilitating environment with the purpose of making veganism easier, more enjoyable and affordable. The VSA plans to achieve these goals through the following means:
Building a Community 

By organising social events, such as potlucks, drinks, pub-quizzes, the VSA aims to create and maintain a supportive community, so that students do not just go vegan, but stay vegan.

Providing Education 

By hosting educational events, such as lectures, workshops, screenings, the VSA aims to bring attention to the negative consequences of animal agriculture, challenges students to rethink their relations with other animals and encourages students to choose vegan alternatives. 


Creating a Facilitating Environment 

By collaborating with the university, restaurants and supermarkets in our cities, the VSA aims to create a facilitating environment where it is easy, affordable and enjoyable for individuals to choose plant-based. 


Values Statement 

The following key values reflect the shared beliefs of the VSA. The VSA takes these values into consideration in all its actions. When collaborating with outside organisations, the VSA also looks for these values in its partners. Exceptions can be made for pragmatic reasons, for example collaborating with non-vegan organisations to help the VSA promote veganism. The VSA is also aware that it has no power over the activities its members do in their free time, however, these activities will not be carried out on behalf of the VSA. 


Animal Ethics 

“Veganism is a way of living which - as far as practically possible - avoids all exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or other purposes.” - The Vegan Society 

Although the VSA supports all different reasons for people to live a more vegan lifestyle, veganism is first and foremost about the animals. The VSA aspires to promote the well-being and interests of all living beings and tries to raise awareness about the ways in which animals are being mistreated. 



The VSA aims to promote sustainable living by advocating for veganism, and raising awareness about the impact of animal products on the environment and the climate.The VSA also aspires to promote reducing one’s ecological footprint in other ways. 



The VSA wants to avoid all exploitation and cruelty towards animals, which includes humans. As such the VSA rejects any form of discrimination in the strongest possible terms and is committed to avoid reinforcing oppression of marginalized groups. The VSA is open and welcoming to members of any biological sex, gender identity, sexual identity, age, race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, cultural heritage, regional origin, physical and mental abilities and disabilities. 



The VSA is an independent association, not affiliated with any other vegan organisations, activist groups, student associations, et cetera. This is especially the case for political parties: The VSA is a politically neutral network in the sense that it is not bound to, and does not promote any specific political parties. The VSA collaborates with other organisations on a regular basis, but does so while retaining its independence. 



The VSA neither partakes in nor promotes illegal activities. The VSA recognises that legality does not equal morality and that civil disobedience has played a historic role in various emancipation movements. However, this is emphatically not the role the VSA wishes to play in the emancipation of animals. The VSA is mindful that collaborations with organizations or groups that are known for organizing disruptive illegal actions (for example blocking traffic, vandalizing property, or disrupting other citizens' everyday activities) may negatively affect the reputation of all the local chapters of the VSA. Therefore, the VSA limits the frequency of co-hosting events with such organizations, ensures that the format of those events challenges the viewpoint of the organization (such as a discussion ora debate), and does not promote other legal events of such organizations in which the VSA does not participate. 



The VSA understands violence to mean both violence and aggression of physical, emotional and verbal nature. The VSA does not use violence to achieve its goals, does not promote violence, and does not condone violent behaviour under any circumstance. 


Reliable Sources 

The VSA does its best to ensure that information shared online and at its events is based on reliable sources and that the environment-and health-related claims are based on scientific research. In case that the VSA shares misinformation, it will publish a rectification. 


Responsible Alcohol and Drug Use 

The VSA does not promote, enable or encourage overconsumption of alcohol and other drugs.

Let's create a sustainable world,

free from animal suffering.