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Want to become vegan but not sure how? Join the VSA Amsterdam mentoring program


The VSA Amsterdam mentoring program is a project connecting students in Amsterdam interested in making their diet vegan or more vegan with vegan mentors who are willing to support them in this.  


Many students aspire to be vegetarian or vegan but need some support in making this transition: maybe they do not know how to replace animal products in their diet or they don’t have support from their friends. They do not know anybody sharing their concerns, and need someone to who talk to about it. The VSA Amsterdam mentoring program is willing to connect vegan students with students interested in making their diet more vegan, in order to make veganism easier for students. 


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Here some more information about the VSA Amsterdam mentoring program


Which are the goals of the project?


Goals of the project are:

  • supporting interested students in Amsterdam in their pathway to veganism

  • creating a network between students interested in veganism in Amsterdam


Who can join the program?


You can join as mentee if you would like:

  • receive support to stay vegan

  • become vegan

  • become vegetarian

  • reduce your meat consumption


You can join as a mentor if you would like to support a mentee reaching one or more of these goals, based on the needs of the mentee. 


What if I am not a student or I live far from Amsterdam?


In that case you can join the worldwide Vegan Mentor Program created by Vegan Outreach, to which this program is inspired, and we thank for their advice.


Which is the position of VSA about reducing meat consumption?


VSA Amsterdam is happy to welcome in the program as in our association every student interested, curious or friendly about veganism. When subscribing, every mentor can decide if he/she feels comfortable to follow a mentee who wants to become vegan, vegetarian, and/or to reduce their meat consumption. 


We want to make it clear that the ultimate goal of VSA Amsterdam is advocating for veganism, not for reducing meat consumption. You can read about reasons for veganism on the Vegan Society’s website and read about personal stories on why VSA’s members went vegan here


Still, we see vegetarians and flexitarians as allies in helping to make veganism more accessible for everyone, so that we are happy to make the mentoring program open to everyone wishing to make their diet vegan but also to everyone wishing to make their diet more vegan. 

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