Rainy day

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We usually think about weather in terms of good = sunny days, and bad = rainy days. But did you ever stop to consider that this might be just our personal and very limited way of looking at things?

Humans are not the only creatures who hide from the rain. Many animals prefer to stay in a dry sheltered place once rain comes, including our cat who runs inside right after the first drops fall and demands to be dried up with a towel before curling up under the blankets in bed. But there are many who absolutely adore the rain. Most of us live in the city and we might be lucky enough to have a small backyard garden or a balcony which allows us to connect to the nature in our spare time, but even if you don’t have this opportunity, I’m sure you were at some point in your life forced to spend at least a short time outside while it was raining, or even better, shortly after the rain.

There is this indescribable feeling of calm that falls over the city together with the drops of rain water. You can almost see all the trees, bushes and plants relax and pause. There is no harsh sunlight to resist, and they can finally breathe. Dust and tiredness are washed away, leaving behind clean leaves, making the plants feel refreshed and ready to continue growing.

Water is necessary for every living thing on this planet, but if we are lucky, we can take it for granted that we are able to simply turn on the tap and get a cool refreshing drink of pure water whenever we need to.

Animals living outside don’t often have this luxury. Therefore rainy days are a welcome change for many of them.

Try to stop and look around the backyard, park, or side of the road next time you are outside right after the rain. You would be amazed how the world becomes alive. The soil is suddenly wet, pliable and inviting for new plants to sprout and join the ecosystem.

Snails, slugs and earthworms come outside since rain makes it so much easier to move around without having to waste the precious limited resources of liquids, which need to carry them through the day in summer.

Now the world becomes a huge highway, making all corners of the garden accessible and inviting, and with humans out of the way, hiding at home with warm tea and a blanket, nature can take over for a while.

It might rain for days at a time, but if you imagine how good and calming it is for many of our fellow creatures who live alongside us in the cities, I hope you will be able to see the beauty and new beginnings the rain carries to us.

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